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Don't Let Inefficient Safety Undermine  Your Success!!!
You have a vision for your company's growth. Is your safety department  keeping up with that vision? To stay competitive in today's fast-paced world, it's crucial to plan for your safety to not only keep pace with - but to enhance - your business growth.
We have extensive experience in state-of-the-art safety strategies. We can design a step-by-step, cost-effective plan for you to achieve optimum ongoing productivity and safety for your company. 
          Our staff conducts LIVE  “OSHA-Authorized”  
10and 30 Hour General Industry & Construction Industry Courses!!!
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We offer Innovative and reliable safety solutions
          Immense experience without an immense price         Short-term and long-term assistance
                        Certification and training             Ongoing  management and support
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Our expert services will help your workplace comply with a variety of regulatory requirements, including the American Correctional Association (ACA), Oklahoma Department of Labor (ODL), Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA), Oklahoma Office of State Fire Marshal (SFM), National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) Life Safety Code and other standards, and the International Code Council (ICC)  series of codes and  local building, electrical, fire, and life safety ordinances and are designed to be cost effective and time efficient. 
Training Services
Need to train your management or staff on safety and health policies and procedures? Need help with OSHA paperwork? Aren't sure whether you need to comply with certain standards? Need to prepare a written program but don't have time to do it yourself? Have to control workers' compensation costs but don't know how? Is there an OSHA inspector at your door? Received a citation and don't know what to do next?
Most Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) inspections and investigations start by looking at the training provided to workers. Our Training Services focus on classroom and add hands-on exercises, where appropriate. This ensures your workers have the base knowledge and skills they need to perform.

A fire watch is a temporary measure taken when deemed necessary by the Fire Marshal. A fire watch may be required in the event that an automatic fire protection system is impaired or is out of service, when overcrowding is expected, the nature of the activities warrants it, or other necessary reasons. This service is intended to ensure continuous and systematic surveillance of a building or its protected portion(s) by one or more qualified individuals who are responsible for identifying and controlling fire hazards, maintaining means of egress, detecting early signs of fire, raising an alarm of fire, and notifying the fire department.
We are qualified to provide this service for you.Or, we can provide training for your select employees to qualify them to conduct your own Fire Watch.

Our Environmental Health & Safety team provides consulting, testing, inspections, project management, training, and a host of related services. We provide expert consultation for short and long term projects. Our strategy is to harmonize regulatory requirements with the realities of your business operations and within your budget.  Properly implemented EH&S programs can save money.  
EH&S Key Functions: 
            Business Interruption Surveys                                    Corporate Policy Development
            Development of Safety Committees                           Emergency Preparedness
            Emergency Response Plans                                        Environmental Management Systems
            Establishing an EH&S Department                            Illness, Injury & Prevention Program
            Program Development & Implementation                 Risk Management Studies
            State & Federal Regulatory Compliance                   Workers Compensation Cost Control
            OSHA Compliance Evaluations and Abatement
Hazardous Situation Evaluations:
            Equipment Check-over                                  Exhaust Ventilation Inspections
            Hazardous Chemical Inspections                   Indoor Air Quality Inspections
            Laser, EMF & Radiation Inspections             Noise Abatement Studies
            Plant Hygiene Evaluations                             Respiratory Protection Review
Life Safety Overview 
Our staff of experts help you avoid fines and better manage your on-the-job injury and illness rates, thereby reducing your workers' compensation costs.  
Life Safety Programs 
Through the use of designed lecture formats and educational technology, all Life Safety Programs are consistent in content and delivery. Hands-on training, allows each student to enjoy our programs and maintain a high level of retention. Using the newest equipment and materials ensures that each student enjoys a safe and informative program. We provide all participation/certification cards, roster control, equipment, student manuals, attendance recording, data processing, statistics, summaries, instruction for each participant and most printed matter and many program promotion materials.
Program Delivery
We bring all programs to you as you require, providing all necessary equipment, materials and instructors, including all visual aids, as needed.
On-site programs (delivered to your location)
Off-site programs (at our training locations)
Around-the-clock training
Various breakdown of hours (blocks of time) for each program  
Specialty Education & Training:
Select from the topics below or call to discuss your specific requirements:
            OSHA Compliance                                         Record keeping and Reporting           
            Preparing for an OSHA Inspection                 Contesting an OSHA Citation
            Developing a Safety Committee                      Preparing Written Programs
            Hazard Communication (HAZCOM)              Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
            Bloodborne Pathogens                                     Lockout/Tagout
            Injury and Illness Prevention                           Accident Prevention
            Emergency Planning and Management            Ergonomics
            Workplace Violence                                         Chemical Safety Training
            Confined Space Rescue Training                     Hearing Preservation
            Electrical Safety Training                                 Laser & Radiation Training
            Materials Handling Safety Training                 Mechanical Safety Training
            Safety Supervisor Training                        
Compliance Assistance - Plans and Programs                    
The law requires employers to have a wide variety of plans and programs to protect the well-being of their workers. We can provide the expertise to ensure your safety plans and programs comply with all of the applicable rules and regulations.
General Safety
We offer a wide variety of services to help develop General Safety programs. These address overall safety plans and training or specific elements, such as chemical safety or personal protective equipment. 
General Safety Plans and Programs
We have the technical expertise to help any organization meet regulatory requirements for general safety plans and programs. We customize our plans and programs to meet your workplace needs. 
Safety Plans
We customize written safety plans to your workplace needs. Your workers can follow the reality-based plans to ensure your organization complies with regulatory requirements.
Here is a sampling of the general safety plans we can help with: 
·   General Safety                                   ·     Bloodborne Pathogens
·   Chemical Safety                                 ·     Hazard Communications
·   Confined Spaces                                ·     Contractor Safety
·   Emergency Preparedness                   ·     Confined Space Rescue
·   Evacuation Plans                                ·     Fire Prevention and Response
·   First Aid and Medical Response        ·     Incident Management
·   Fall Prevention                                   ·     Hot Work
·   Housekeeping                                    ·      Lockout/Tagout
·   Personal Protective Equipment           ·     Process Safety Management
·   Respiratory Protection                        ·     HazardousWaste Operations and Emergency Response
Safety Programs
We believe the best safety programs are integrated into the organizational goals and objectives. In today's competitive, global economy, success requires a focus on the organization's key business. We can help develop and/or administer your safety program so you can concentrate on the work at hand. Some of the safety program services we offer include:

·   Accident Investigation                     ·     Facility Safety Audits
·   Job Safety Analysis                          ·     Site Safety Surveys
·   Safety Meetings                                ·     Safety Program Development
·   Safety Program Administration        ·     Contractor Safety Programs
·   Process Safety Management             ·    Other Site Specific Programs 
Emergency Preparedness Plans and Programs
Our staff of experts specialize in helping organizations to be prepared for emergencies. We customize our plans and programs to meet your workplace needs. 
Emergency Plans & Programs
We customize written emergency plans to your workplace needs. Your workers can follow the reality-based plans to ensure your organization complies with regulatory requirements.
We believe the best emergency preparedness programs are integrated into the organizational goals and objectives. In today's competitive, global economy, success requires a focus on the organization's key business. Our staff of experts can help develop and/or administer your emergency preparedness program so you can concentrate on the work at hand. 
Here is a sampling of the emergency plans & programs we can help with:
·   Bloodborne Pathogens                       ·     Confined Space Rescue
·   Chemical Safety                                  ·     Emergency Actions                     
·   Evacuation Plans                                 ·     Emergency Response Teams
·   Fire Prevention                                   ·     Fire Response Teams
·   First Aid and Medical Response        ·     Incident Management Systems
·   Medical Response Teams                   ·     Worker Emergency Actions
·   Hazardous Materials Response Teams
·   Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response (HAZWOPER) 
Other services:
Illness, Injury & Prevention Written Plan               Safety Manual
Safety & Health Record Keeping                            Safety Training
Workplace Inspections                                             Industry Safe Work Practices
OSHA 300 log                                                         OSHA posters
Evacuation Maps
Workplace posters, signs, and labels to warn of potential hazards 

                                      Training Programs 
Your Total Safety and Environmental Training Resource
Our evaluation and site surveys consist of an extensive examination of your facilities. It is an evaluation of your organization's total safety program. The evaluation and site surveys covers everything from top management's philosophy of and attitude toward safety to seemingly insignificant housekeeping details. Audit of written plans, permits, etc.. Its goal is to identify and eliminate safety hazards before they result in accidents.
Our evaluation and site surveys are designed to rate your safety program, recommend and guide, by way of a detailed written report and action plan.
 Our staff of experts develop and provide, high-quality, effective emergency safety, disaster preparedness and training programs and certifications. Our programs are designed to emphasize practical, realistic, hands-on emergency and safety skills – skills that save lives.  We provide expert consultation, needs assessments, emergency-disaster planning and OSHA compliance services. 
Monthly Visit
A monthly visit to your facility for the purpose of training new employees, continuing training of existing employees, inspections, recommendations to management and safety committee work allows us to be your company's Contract Safety Director. While we are away from the facility,  we are reachable and ON CALL 24 hours a day for consultation should inspectors visit, accidents occur... etc. 
                                                                  "Safety Depends On Us"
Because it would be virtually impossible to identify and write a set of standards for every job or industry, where no specific standards have been developed under the Act, the General Duty Clause comes into play.

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